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MASTVR is a turn-key VR training system designed to provide flexible on-site, experience-based training. Whatever your industry, MASTVR is completely scalable to any size organisation, in any language across all disciplines and job functions.

  • Managed through a dedicated built-in platform, teams can train anywhere, anytime.
  • Individual user profiles are created to deliver and manage training as well as monitoring progress and optimising individual training plans.
  • Both theory and practical training modules are provided in a single system to provide a complete training solution in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Designed to provide a cost-effective way to deliver your training internally, in any location.
  • High-hazard immersive training in a safe, controlled environment means consequences can be fully experienced.
  • Additional training modules can be added or removed at any time.
  • Training can be tailored to any company‚Äôs specific equipment, applications and training requirements.

To find out more about MASTVR, download a copy of the brochure here or use the contact form below.